Moi Siongiroi Girls

The School Management & Student Leaders

The School Management

Our school has top managers who make decisions on school activities, these includes; the principal, deputy principal and the Board of Governers(B.O.G) Chairperson.

Student Leaders

Our school has student leaders who are headed by the head girl and the deputy head girl, Student leaders are elected by other students into various positions,the elections are conducted annually.

The School Managers

Principal's image

Mrs.Juliana Yegon

Deputy Principal's image

Mrs.Ann Rono
Deputy Principal

BOG Chairperson's' image

BoG Chairperson Information

Moi Siongiroi Girls


Over the years Moi Siongiroi Girls has been the helm of providing quality and holistic education.The best brains in the country has learnt under Moi Siongiroi girls, we nurture our students to live under the strict principle of hardwork and integrity for their success.


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